Red Blade Studios Needs More Gay!

Check out the short animated segment created for internet reviewer Rantasmo in his latest episode of Needs More Gay!

New Prospects on the Horizon

Well, I just finished an 11-month stint at Doner Advertising, and I have to say, that was the most awesome job I’ve ever had, and I’m sorry to see it end. The people were all-around great, the environment was relaxed and energetic, with a lot of money and energy spent on keeping the employees happy at the job.

So now I’m back on the job hunt, and I have a new standard of awesome. It’ll be hard to match, but I look forward to the search.

Updates Ahead!

I’ve been in an awesome job since April (still going strong, no end in sight) and it’s been consuming most of my free time, but it’s not an excuse for letting things sit for so long. I’ve also been nearly daily at the gym for over a year now, with great progress to show for it. (And no, that’s not an excuse either!)

Nightmares in the Dark has been in a fluctuating state for the last couple years, but I think I’m on the verge of launching into some significant work. I’ve got a style concept (sampled from concept work found online) for my backgrounds now, which had been an ongoing challenge. I’m also working on re-writing the script, and I need to find some co-writers to help me flesh this out and reign in my cheesy and cliched tendencies. Storyboards will flow from there.

I need to get my art here updated with more recent work. Sketches will be going into the blog, while finished concepts will go into the actual galleries.

See you all (three of you) soon!

More in the Pipeline

Well, my life is a ravenous blur. I’m back at my old job (which pays well but consumes all my available hours) meaning I haven’t had much time to work on my own projects.

The following was a commission completed a month or two back for a gamer, given as a wedding gift to his friend, including their whole circle of friends (all roleplayers) as their favorite character types.

Wedding Commission Gift

Sketches from Motor City

Here’s a couple sketches I did at Motor City.


Motor City was a success! (Okay, so not a resounding success, but I made table and equipment costs and then some. For my first-ever big con, that’s pretty damn good!)

Doing this has inspired me to get more stuff done. I’m going to be actively posting more work, and in coming weeks, I’ll get animations and pieces up here to show. Keep checking in!

Motor City Comic Con!

This weekend is Motor City Comic Con! My first big convention. I’ve got prints, I’ll be taking commissions, and I’ll be joined by my friend Abby Hamaker. Look for me there!

Reel Posted!

New image!


This is my graduating piece, which will be displayed when I walk for my diploma.

Site Update!

Welcome to Red Blade Studios, home to Alex ‘Warlock’ Krumwiede.